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Dr. Eruani Azibapu: Redefining Business Success

In the heart of the Niger Delta where most persons are known for fishing and farming, and lately with the high incidence of militancy, it is hard to believe that success could be redefined and proven to be a possibility with strategic focus.

Lately, someone many people have perceived to be an astute medical professional, Dr. Eruani Azibapu, now President and Chief Executive Officer of Azikel Group, has emerged strongly as an astute successful businessman from the Niger Delta.

To some it was no surprise, as Dr. Eruani has remained focused in every endeavour he has ventured into. Among his friends, he styled himself a young sustainable billionaire, and he has been seen at international events truly well-styled and strategically taking position among other successful businessmen in the world who have been celebrated globally.

At an international event organised by the African Investment Forum in New York, he was sighted among the rich, mighty and honourable; ushered into the venue by international protocol and allotted a foremost seat among the likes of Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia and the Nigerian Ambassador to the United States. The meeting was the global stakeholders meeting of the Business Forum of Africa.

Paparazzi were all over the young successful businessman, who has proven to his generation that diligent investment in any strategic good would yield you the desired dividends.

Eruani’s fame burst open when he began flying round the globe with his private jet to meet the need of his international business. Dr. Eruani arrived New York in his brand new aircraft christened with his name at the front door and carrying the glorious brand logo of Azikel on the tail of the aircraft.

His arrival at New York for the United Nations event was like every other distinguished Nigerian that was invited as delegate to the conference. He participated in the event that culminated in the Africa Business Forum that was chaired by Bamanga Tukur and attended by Condolezza Rice, Tony Blair and other businessmen from Africa, including Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan.

Many Nigerians have expressed doubts on the possibility of sustaining the tempo of his celebrated wealth and international business prowess. But’s findings reveal that Dr. Eruani is building the capacity of his several institutions every day and putting to practice the best international business practices.

Shortly after the United Nations event, Dr. Eruani and 63 other CEO and Vice Presidents of celebrated international companies were gathered at the prestigious Wharton Business School, in Philadelphia, interacting on advanced business management strategies.

The Wharton School is a school of celebrated successful businessmen, and we investigated that Dr. Eruani was flying in other fleets of his aircraft, networking and training on sustainable business development.

Dr. Eruani, a medical doctor who has several trainings in various specialties of medicine and has bagged membership of the American Academy of Family Physician, has succeeded gainfully in his medical profession after going through the different cadres of training as a doctor. He also has to his credit, a professional work carrier.

On graduation, he joined the Civil Service in his native Bayelsa State, serving as a medical officer and later as senior medical officer before leaving the Civil Service to take up appointment in the oil and gas industry, where he was employed as an industrial doctor. He served the Nigeria Agip Oil Company meritoriously and the success was continuum as he secured his first medical political job by being appointed as chief physician and logistic assistant to the first civilian governor of old Rivers State, Chief melford Okilo.

He also served creditably in that capacity and was later appointed Special Adviser to the Bayelsa state Governor on HIV/AIDS and Community Health. Owing to his success in that capacity, the governor delegated power to him to serve as Chairman of the State Action Committee on AIDS.

It would be recalled that as at then it was only the Governors that were made chairmen of SACA in their states; and as such President Jonathan was automatically the chairman. During the period, he served as Special Adviser on HIV/AIDS, there was a dramatic reduction in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the state and the country, as the awareness was championed through the celebrated Three Arms Road Walk, which brought the United Nations presence to Bayelsa State, leading to then President Olusegun Obasanjo recommending Bayelsa as an exemplary state in the battle against HIV/AIDS. The success also led to Nigeria being commended at the 19th world HIV/AIDS conference in Canada.

When that government ended, the succeeding government appointed Dr. Eruani as State Commissioner for Health. It was yet another success story. As the chief health officer of the state, he ensured a revamp of health institutions and innovations, such as building new health centres, training health officers, accrediting medical schools and several other health institutions in the state.

Little wonder why till date, Dr. Eruani’s success record is yet to be broken. While the young dynamic doctor is still admired by health/medical doctors, the people of Bayelsa State and Nigeria who have to know his charisma and success principles. Having left the office of commissioner for several years, many Bayelsans and Nigerians who identify with the success of Dr. Eruani say they are not surprised at his commitment to duty and progress. He began his business from the humble business of sand selling, which is a common trade by people of the Niger Delta, particularly Bayelsans.

Though his parents were disappointed that a seasoned medical doctor, well trained, exposed and a former commissioner could choose a humble trade of selling sand, in all, Dr. Eruani was not discouraged. He started the business, improved on the idea, and the business grew into a gigantic dredging industry.

Today Dr. Eruani is the owner of a successful dredging company in the Niger Delta, named Azikel Dredging Company. Azikel Dredging has made several successes for itself since the days of its humble beginning of distributing sand to local contractors to hiring dredgers to pump sand for sale to becoming a gigantic dredging company.

The firm has over six massive dredging machines and the fixed asset of the firm (Azikel Dredging Company) is above $500m while it now transacts business with the rest of the oil and gas industry, federal government, construction companies and industrial contractors.

The success story of Azikel Dredging rests on the dynamism and highly focused celebrated young entrepreneur and the erudite team of professional management headed by Mr. Presly Asemota, the chief operating officer and a season administrator based in London, employed to oversee the smooth operation of the firm.