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Now ACF is talking

Editor: Before now, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) was either insincere or ignorant of the reality called Boko Haram. The Arewa Governors and leaders alike were telling Nigerians to cooperate with President Goodluck Jonathan on security measures against the terrorists, while I kept quoting Orunmila (the Yoruba oracular Divinity) as saying that only dialogue or Jonathan’s resignation will end terrorism in Nigeria. Yes, no justice, no peace; know justice, know peace. Hence I sighed relief on hearing the ACF now saying that force cannot arrest Boko Haram. That is the voice of Orunmila.

In 2011, I told the ACF to rally round General Muhammadu Buhari, but they did otherwise and followed the current men with money.  The ACF neglected the man, Buhari, who had unlimited opportunity to steal public funds but did not. Where is the good luck? It lies in unbridled corruption, governance by deception, higher fuel price, darkness, bad roads, bad debts, mass poverty, armed robbery, kidnapping, political terrorism, etc. Jonathan initiated political terrorism when he decided to become the elected President of Nigeria, rather than allowing the northwest zone to serve its second term. Now greedy northerners are encouraging him that he would receive the same support as in 2011. As long as there is no political order but opportunism, there will be no end to terrorism and devastating crimes.

Nigeria’s Constitution should outlaw spending public funds on religious causes, and the rulers’ wives should have no access to public funds either, except they are bona fide public officials! General Olusegun Obasanjo should repent and use whatever clout he may still have to re-order Nigeria. Thank God he was not burnt in the recent inferno that gutted part of his mansion. General Buhari should beware of unpopular persons like Sanusi. His political party should shun such financiers that may dent its image. Senator Tinubu should watch the anti-people policies and actions of some of his political party Governors; the Party should also seek reconciliation rather than grandstanding membership alienation.

Nigerians should rally round Buhari to re-order Nigeria on the path of politico-economic discipline, peace, and progress.

By Pius Abioje

University of Ilorin.