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More... Boko Haram sponsors are friends of President Jonathan    

Boko Haram sponsors are friends of President Jonathan

In very strong terms on Monday, the All Progressives Congress told Nigerians that the truth about the Boko Haram insurgency…

More... Editorial: The Electronic Identity Card Project    

Editorial: The Electronic Identity Card Project

Over 35 years after the first failed attempt by the federal government in 1979 to establish a national identification database…

More...     Revelation of Righteousness (II)    

Revelation of Righteousness (II)

Today, I will be continuing my teaching on righteousness, but before I do,, I`d  like to personally invite you to…

More... Editorial: Silence…Hospitals are rejecting Ebola patients    

Editorial: Silence…Hospitals are rejecting Ebola patients

As official rhetoric and blame game drives fear into the complex matrix over the raging Ebola crisis, there are reports…

More... NFF Headquarters On Fire     

NFF Headquarters On Fire

The headquarters of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) in Wuse Zone 7 District, Abuja been razed by fire. The cause…

More... The Most Corrupt People In Nigeria?    

The Most Corrupt People In Nigeria?

Men in their 50s – especially the civil servants.  At that age, men have lost their idealism, the stark reality…

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Third Mainland Bridge Not Under Threat - Onolememen

The Federal Government has debunked fears of the collapse of Third Mainland Bridge and has reiterated its commitment to taking proactive measures to ensure that the bridge is kept in an acceptable service condition.

Minister of Works, Mike Onolememen made the disclosure on Tuesday in Abuja while reacting to media reports on the alleged near-collapse of the bridge.

He said the speculations are based on mere perceptions, as they have not been justified by any civil engineering test, adding that the ministry is progressing in ensuring routine maintenance. He disclosed that the defects in the eight expansion joints of the bridge were spotted, repaired and replaced since last year.

Onolememen admitted that serious steel casing corrosion is noticeable on the bridge but maintained that the steel casing has no structural correlation to the pile-bearing capacity, as it serves only as form works to the piles.

He advised the general public to ignore the alarms, as the Third Mainland Bridge is not in any way defective. He said he himself still drove on the bridge twice last week on different days, and asked “Lagosians to continue using the bridge

Asked on the origination of the story, the minister replied that the report being quoted originated from the ministry, which was for under water inspection.

He maintained that the structural integrity of the bridge was not in any doubt, considering that further tests by reputable engineering companies have confirmed the adequacy of pile concrete quality.

“Based on their advice, the ministry is ensuring continuous routine maintenance works,” he added.