US Seizes Jet Belonging to Nigerian over Fraud


A jet belonging to an unidentified Nigerian named in a multi-million dollar fraud case was on Tuesday seized by the United States federal agents at the Peachtree DeKalb Airport, Georgia, United States.

Local WSB-TV reported that their Correspondent, Aaron Diamant, witnessed the seizure of the plane in a case that was related to an international fraud scheme. Diamant, who shared a video from the seizure on his verified Twitter handle said, “We’re alongside Federal agents as they seize a jet at @PDKAirport.”

Investigators said the plane belongs to a Nigerian national charged in a multimillion-dollar international fraud scheme. After the jet was seized, a sealed sign was placed on it reading: “This property is under detention and/or seizure, United States Customs Service.”

It was reported that the federal agents searched the plane for evidence with a K-9 team for drugs and other contraband. Special Agent Thor Whitmore of the Department of Homeland Security said: “For the most part, people don’t even understand. They don’t know what’s happening in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re looking at it as kind of a turn back to the 1980s. It’s like a game of chess, we try to stay on top of their next move.”

The Homeland Security in 2019 has seized more than five tons of drugs, 200 guns and $4,375,457 cash from private jets. As federal agents went through the plane, the accused was in court Tuesday for an initial appearance.
A removal hearing will has been scheduled for Thursday to send the suspect back to New York where the charges he faces were originally filed.