Resign before Nigeria becomes Somalia, Northern Youths tells Buhari


The Northern Youth Coalition (NYC) has admonished President Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office before Nigeria becomes another Somalia. Lamenting what it described as the worsening security situation in the country similar to what obtained under former President Goodluck Jonathan, the NYC said, it is becoming increasingly evident that Buhari has run out of ideas on how to tackle the life and death challenges facing the nation; and unlike his predecessor who was voted out of office, Buhari should do the honorable thing by resigning from office before it was too late.


In a statement issued by its National Convener, Muhammed Ishaq in Abuja yesterday, the NYC affirmed that insecurity in Nigeria, particularly in the North, has lingered for too long; and Buhari has proven incapable of handling the situation. “President Buhari has failed to secure the lives and property of Nigerians probably due to lack of political will, commitment or competence and he should therefore, resign to save the country from collapse.


“As a coalition that represents millions of youths from various parts of the North, we are pained by the insecurity that threatens to consume the North. It is glaring that the security situation in the country is deteriorating and our agony as victims aggravating.


“The lingering insecurity is one of the major reasons why we clamoured for change and voted Jonathan out in 2015.“But instead of a permanent solution to the problem, killings and other forms of criminality have been resurfacing under the watch of someone that vowed to be our saviour.


“It is almost five years now and Nigeria, from all indications, is either worse than the Jonathan administration or it is not different from the previous government despite the fact that in his first term, President Buhari pledged that his government would bring an end to the national suffering caused by insecurity,” the statement reads.


The coalition said the youths have grown weary of excuses, while the lives of the youth are being wasted on a daily and hourly basis, adding, “We cannot continue watching while our region is being turned to ashes and cemetery.


Meanwhile, Chairman, Senate Committee on Army, Ali Ndume has urged the Federal Government to immediately engage the services of foreign mercenaries in the fight against the insurgency if that would end the Boko Haram crisis.


The suggestion to tackle Nigeria’s security challenges with foreign mercenaries was prompted by the high level of killings and destruction of property in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists. Ndume, who spoke on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Hausa Service, monitored in Kaduna yesterday, cited the recent spate of attacks by the terrorists in Borno State and other parts of the country.