Scores Killed In Damaturu Sunday Market


An explosion Sunday morning, caused by a female suicide bomber, rocked the Damaturu Sunday Market in the Yobe State capital killing 14 people instantly and injuring many others, has learnt.

The figure of the injured has been put at over 50.


The female suicide bomber was said to have arrived the entrance of the market at about 9.30 and blew herself up in the midst of the crowd.


At the time of this report, security officials drawn from the various security agencies, were still carrying out rescue operation.


A member of the Nigerian Youth Corps Service (NYSC) who confirmed the incident to on the phone, said the attack was not expected by those hit.


"There was no opportunity to suspect the suicide bomber as she did not give room for suspicion," the witness said.


"She was entering the market like every other person, when suddenly she detonated the explosives.


"What we all heard was a loud bang, then confusion. I was in the market to buy things. We all ran in various direction before we finally knew where the sound came from."