7 PDP Governors Currently Romancing Buhari - Okorocha


Seven governors on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) were in Lagos on Monday as part of their strategy to support the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the forthcoming 2015 general elections, according to Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State.

Though he did not mention the names of the governors, Huhuonline.com learnt from sources within the APC that the governors were mainly from the northern part of the country. One, according to Huhuonline.com's  findings, is from the southern part of the country and though, he is not among the seven, he has been encouraging his colleagues on the move.

Okorocha made the startling disclosure in Lagos when he visited the state to join the campaign train of the APC governorship candidate for the state, Akinwunmi Ambode at the Mile 2, Amuwo Odofin areas of the state.

APC had stated last year that about six other governors on the platform of the PDP were ogling to join the APC after five had earlier defected to the party from the PDP. But this was denied by the PDP.

Okorocha did not also state if he was in Lagos for the meeting.

He told the crowd: "GMB’s victory has been sealed and delivered. Today, about seven governors who are not APC are coming to hold meeting with us privately.

"There is fear in the country. And the fear is that they know that GMB is a good man and he will win.

“And they know that once INEC announces GMB as the winner of the presidential election, all the bad people who are embezzling the country’s fund will leave the country at night. The fear of Buhari is the beginning of stoppage of corruption.

"I want to regretfully announce the death of PDP. The party died immediately APC was formed. We scheduled the burial of the party for February 14th but they postponed the burial to March 28th.

"We are waiting patiently to bury the party forever. But let me tell you that you can change the date of burial but you cannot change the burial. It must take place. May the soul of PDP rest in peace.

"Today, it is obvious that PDP is a bad government. And we thank God that we came together to change the bad government.

"And the change we came together for has started.

"I am in Lagos for one man, and that is for Ambode. He is a good man and he will not deceive you. He has a caring heart. He loves everyone. All tribes in Lagos will be safe in his hands. And this is one man that can start and continue what Fashola started.

"Lagos today has improved and he is handling over the mantle of leadership to a man that will continue the geometric progression that has been witnessed in Lagos."Okorocha, who was at the rally with Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos, National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and others, urged all Igbos to vote massively for General Muhammadu Buhari and Ambode.

Addressing the rally which took place at the Festac 1st Gate Open Ground, the Imo State Governor urged Igbo people in the state to vote APC for the required change that will transform Nigeria and give the people better life.

Okorocha also assured the audience that the APC is the party that Nigerians are looking up to for the deliverance that the country needs, saying more people are already joining the fold.

The Governor stressed that Lagos is and remains a blessing to the Igbo nation and that the APC remains the only party of choice for all residents of the State that will ensure that all tribes are safe.

He further described Fashola as a man who is highly revered globally as one of the best governors the country has produced, expressing the conviction that Ambode would continue the task of developing Lagos in geometric progression after Fashola.

While addressing the rally, Fashola called on all residents of Lagos to reject PDP at the polls by ensuring that they vote massively for all APC candidates on 28th March and on 11th April.

He added that in the last few weeks, some political office holders have been carrying dollars around to induce people to vote for them, noting that the questions they should ask them is where were they in the last four years?    

Fashola said: "Who built this Maternal and Child Centre MCC for you? (pointing to the nearby MCC at Amuwo Odofin). Who is constructing this road for you? Who built the Rail at Mile 2?

"In the last few weeks, some people are carrying dollars around, ask when they come did you see them in the last four years. We can also keep the money a few weeks to elections, come to you and say, take the money instead of the infrastructure we have provided for you.

"Projects like the MCC Festac Road, Ago Palace Way, Festac Link Road, Durbar Road, Imore Road, Tedi Link Bridge and similar projects is what we are doing with your money."

Fashola recalled that late President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, would have been preparing to pack his baggage now, if he was still alive but unfortunately, he died midway into his tenure, giving the mantle to President Goodluck Jonathan who was not elected as President to become the second longest serving President just by luck.  

He reiterated that Nigerians cannot trust him again because all the promises, like the provision of steady power supply, which he made in 2011 when he was seeking election as President, have all remained unfulfilled and he is now promising to do more when he has not fulfilled past promises.

Fashola added: "When General Buhari was the Head of State in Nigeria, we were exporting petrol, after he left we are importing and even kerosene is a family business today.

"They bring it in and subsidise it but do you get it at subsidy price? No way. That is what they said but somebody is peacefully collecting the money while you are paying fully the money for kerosene.

"For security in the last six years, they have budgeted almost One Trillion Naira every year for security, ask the Policemen who is providing for them in Lagos, ask the Policemen who put them under insurance and ask the Policemen who is paying their allowance.


"Now 6 weeks to elections, they are now bringing in equipments for the military. Some months back, the Senate Committee on Navy led by Senator Chris Anyanwu was appealing for allocation of money to fund the operation of the Navy to no avail."

The Governor said President Jonathan is the only sitting President who has lost five Governors, the Speaker of the House of Representatives and a former President who is a leader of his party without conducting an election.

He appealed to registered voters in Lagos to reciprocate the good works of his administration by doubling the 1.5 million votes with which he was re-elected in 2011 by ensuring that they cast at least Three million votes for Mr Akinwunmi Ambode to be elected as the next Governor of Lagos State.

While addressing the rally, Ambode assured that his administration would complete the expansion of the Lagos- Badagry Express Road from Orile to Badagry and also ensure that it completes work on the light rail from Okokomaiko to CMS.

He added that the Ferry Service that is expected to run from Mile 2 to several parts of the State would be continued by his administration if elected into office, adding that Fashola's Government  has embarked upon an infrastructural regeneration of Amuwo Odofin which would ensure that for the next 30 years things would never be the same again in the area.

He promised that every year, in every Local Government, his administration would construct a minimum of 20 roads and provide 20 streets with light such that by the time it goes round the 57 Local Governments, a total of 1,140 roads would have been covered for the Local Governments.

Ambode promised to light up Lagos which would engender security and ensure a 24/ 7 economy , adding that his administration would improve the BRT scheme, the waterways and the train system so that people can move from one place to the other effortlessly.

Tinubu urged all residents of Lagos and Nigerians not to be deceived again by the antics of President Goodluck Jonathan who painted the pitiable picture of a candidate from a modest background to deceive Nigerians during his first term in office.

He said Nigerians are tired of lack of stable electricity supply and do not want that to continue just as the present Federal Government has not been able to pay the insurance premium of the military and the Police despite the dangers they are exposed to.

He urged all Nigerians to vote massively on March 28 to elect General Muhammadu Buhari and all National Assembly Candidates of the APC whilst also doing the same on April 11 for Akinwunmi Ambode in Lagos and all State House of Assembly candidates of the APC nationwide.

He commended. Fashola for a job well done in Lagos in the last eight years and said there is no discrimination on ethnic basis or religious basis in schools and hospitals in Lagos State as the services are available to all and sundry.