Nigeria Police, Others No Longer Permitted To Use Camouflage


Apart from the Nigerian Armed Forces including the Army, Navy and the Air Force, no paramilitary or other uniformed body is henceforth permitted to use camouflage uniforms, the Nigerian Federal Government announced on Friday.

The directive was handed down by the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-Gen. Chris Olukolade, saying the only time the Nigerian Police can use camouflage uniforms is when officers of the force are in Joint Operation with the military or on special operation such as specific anti-riot missions.

Olukolade said the directive came after the National Security Council (NSC) approved the recommendations of a committee on measures to streamline the use of camouflage uniforms especially as a result of security concerns and alleged duplication and proliferation of camouflage uniforms in the country.

"The use of camouflage/fatigue is therefore restricted to the military and for occasional use by the police henceforth," Olukolade said.

"The directive also stipulates that the military is to adopt only two types of camouflage for the three arms of the Armed Forces.

"All para-military agencies using various camouflage/fatigues uniforms have up to January 2016 to withdraw such materials currently in their inventory."

Olukolade said it was now mandatory for the Ministry of Justice and the security agents to act on the instruction.